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Rated 5 / 5 stars

To Good For This World

This is what I imagine heaven is like

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This movie truly captured the essence of Super Smash Bros in a way that I've been trying to perceive for years now. Words cannot describe how truly amazing this flash movie is, so I shall let the images contained in this 673.7kB of pure excellence do the talking.

Madness Neurosis Collab 3 Madness Neurosis Collab 3

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm sorry...

I didn't realize that you lacked the ability to comprehend sarcasm in a way that could possibly be beneficial to yourself. My original review:

I'm sure glad you used an original idea that hasn't been beaten to death countless times and you were able to pull it off in a way that looked very professional and made sense...Oh wait...

The 'everything is written out for you' version:
Yes I realize that this was a tribute flash, but don't you think it's time for you to stop? This idea of a Madness tribute flash has been beaten into the ground for so long that no matter how good (which this is not) a tribute will be, it'll still be mindless repetitive mush that has been seen at least a dozen times before.

Now to cover the professionalism. Maybe half of the people in this collab used sound, giving the impression that these were not only silent guns, but also the bodies they were hitting made no noise either. Most of the .fla's were not original, some of the parts ended abruptly, and other parts lacked any sort of semblance to any kind of typical Madness-esque fighting.

As far as making sense goes, this collab would have been better off as individual animations. None of the parts even remotely flowed into each other and many ended abruptly. Even if the characters had been the same throughout it would have looked less like a random mish-mosh of crappy violence. But instead it looked as if a child with severe ADD had tried to make a story but he kept changing his mind as to who the main character, the bad guys, and even the choice of weapons were.

So there ya go. A review that, had you been able to read and interpret English properly, showed what I thought you could improve upon in a single sentence, now takes up 3 paragraphs. Enjoy.
Also I would like to point out that saying 'fuck' alot is really cool and you should probably do it more.
Also also, does anyone know if there's any way to mark review responses as abusive? A good 75% of this guys responses are way more 'abusive' than any of the reviews.

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Littleluckylink responds:

Collabs aren't supposed to follow with a storyline, they don't have to. And I really wish all these fucking people would stop addressing the other fucking reviews.
Read the review guidlines.

Link Gets Hurt Once Again Link Gets Hurt Once Again

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Since the viewers of Newgrounds didn't appreciate my previous review, I'll try it again:

It's sad to see someone who has some talent at animating lower his/herself to the level of the average Newgrounds viewer in order to get views. You knew that if you put minimal effort into a flash that was based on a viedogame and claimed that it took you 3 months to create, that it would automatically pass with a 4 or higher. Throw in a useless Naruto reference (just read the last 3-4 reviews, most just say 'lol naruto') and you've got yourself a winning formula. But what really saddens me is that if you had actually taken the time to come up with your own idea, it could have actually turned out decent. If all you want is cheap satisfaction and easy glorification, then by all means continue what you're doing. But if you want to actually progress as an artist, then you'd best start coming up with new and interesting ideas, and not just leach off of those of others.

1/10 because some of the scenery looked nice, and I refuse to rate you on anything that wasn't your creation

Timon1771 responds:

I agree with you. I made the original Link gets hurt in 2005. people loved it, and wanted more, so ive been doing it for the fans ever since. On the side, ive been drawing on deviantart and expanding as an artist that way.

I'm currently brainstorming more original ideas, Link gets hurt is only a start off....sort of a practice animation test for myself. i'm going to keep animating in the future...different projects along the way.

Thanks for your comment.

100 Halo Jokes 100 Halo Jokes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Q: Could this have been any better?
A: No

"Fun W/ Suicide"- BEST OF "Fun W/ Suicide"- BEST OF

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Kind of Sad

Kind of sad and ironic. And also, to the guy who said he killed a cop, how do you figure shooting a guy in the leg will kill him, if you had done any research at all, you would have seen that the cop lived. Think before you speak asshole.

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